Food waste: A business opportunity

That CSR journal of record the Daily Mirror carried an article on 10 January on food waste.

A fact that caught my eye in the  The Institute of Mechanical Engineers Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not report was that 80% of Vietnam’s rice production is lost between field and table.  This and similar losses in developing economies are due to poor transport infrastructure, inefficient harvesting and inadequate local storage facilities.

Surely this offers the supermarket and food company giants a business opportunity. Effective addressing of these issues can increase supply and tackle environmental degradation.

In fighting climate change it sure beats charging customers 5p for a mingy plastic bag!

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  1. Jovin Hurry says:

    Hello Peter,
    Indeed, this offers a business opportunity.
    Small and medium size companies can also jump on the bandwagon. I think they will be more agile to partake segments of the value chain between the field and the table.

    You may wish to have a look at this TED talk, if you have not already done so.
    “Western countries throw out nearly half of their food, not because it’s inedible — but because it doesn’t look appealing. Tristram Stuart delves into the shocking data of wasted food, calling for a more responsible use of global resources.”
    Jovin Hurry
    in singapore

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