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Chime Corporate Responsibility

Making the UK’s leading communications group a carbon neutral company.

Mapping the route to carbon neutrality for Chime

Corporate responsibility at Chime plc, one of the UK’s leading communications strategy groups, is focused on achieving and maintaining the status of a carbon neutral company. Since 2007, Corporate Citizenship has used its bespoke system of Climate SMART assessments to map Chime’s carbon footprint, advise on measures to reduce and offset emissions, and help the group to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard.



  • Advise on a Chime corporate responsibility strategy to achieve the status of carbon neutral company
  • Provide a blueprint for Chime to better support clients in reducing their environmental impacts
  • Engage employees with the carbon neutral company ambition
  • Achieve and maintain the Carbon Trust Standard



Corporate Citizenship developed an annual Climate SMART assessment for Chime, to map the group’s carbon footprint and measure progress in reducing it. Our strategy for achieving carbon neutral company status has been built around employee engagement, including full involvement in decision-making, internal campaigns, regular updates and the establishing of Climate Change Champions. One example is the Employee Pledge Tree, an ongoing competition between the 58 Chime companies. We also reviewed the carbon impacts of Chime’s existing suppliers and incorporated new environmental criteria into purchasing policies to enable further reductions. Where carbon dioxide emissions were unavoidable, we helped to engage employees in the process of selecting offsetting projects.



  • Chime became a carbon neutral company in January 2007, the first UK communications company to do so
  • Corporate Citizenship played a key role in helping Chime to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard in October 2010, in recognition of its achievements in reducing its UK carbon footprint, year-on-year