Case Studies

Falabella is a Chilean multinational holding, operating in 7 Latin American countries across 6 different businesses, owning the largest chain of department stores in South America.


Falabella was one of the selected group of 9 Chilean Companies, invited to participate in the DJSI World and DJSI Emerging Markets, which was a challenge considering that the different companies within the Falabella groups are on different levels of their sustainability processes.

  • The team at Corporate Citizenship worked with several Falabella issue owners, raising the information for responding the DJSI questionnaire, strengthening the answers and identifying topics which they had not been able to identify as intangible assets of the company or as opportunities to create business or social value before.
  • Our Traffic Light Analysis was used as a benchmark exercise to identify strengths and weaknesses of the company in the retail industry in Latin America.

In its first application to DJSI, Falabella achieved the score necessary to get into the emerging markets index, becoming the second Latam retailer to do so, and the second Chilean company to get to this index. For Corporate Citizenship, this was the highest increase in score achieved with a client, that had been assessed the year before with public information.

Falabella has used Corporate Citizenship’s Traffic Light Analysis to guide its efforts and strategy towards the criteria that are more material in its industry. They have been able to identify opportunities by doing it as well as gain reputation in the market achieving its place in the regional index.