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Lafarge Sustainability Report

Fresh thinking on structure and metrics helped the Lafarge sustainability report to meet goals for year-on-year improvements and earn GRI A+ status.


Fresh thinking drives improvement for Lafarge Sustainability Report

Lafarge, the world’s number 1 cement producer, has a firm target for year-on-year improvements in its sustainability report, based on independent third-party assessments. Corporate Citizenship’s insights on metrics, structure and copywriting have helped Lafarge’s sustainability reporting to earn GRI A+ status and provided a roadmap for on-going development.


  • Manage Lafarge’s programme of sustainability reporting
  • Deliver year-on-year improvements in external assessments of the Lafarge sustainability report 



Over a four-year period, Corporate Citizenship has helped Lafarge to gain GRI A+ status for its annual corporate responsibility report. For the 2009 Lafarge sustainability report, we identified metrics that would enable the report to comply with the improved GRI G3 Index A+, providing a roadmap for future improvements. Through advice on the structure and copywriting of the report, we were able to ensure that this greater depth of information was communicated clearly and purposefully.



  • Corporate Citizenship delivered consistent year-on-year improvements for the Lafarge sustainability report
  • We helped Lafarge earn GRI A+ status for its reporting
  • The 2009 Lafarge sustainability report provided a clear roadmap for complying with the enhanced GRI G3 Index A+