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Companies say that they are responsible to stakeholders. They claim that this is the basis of achieving corporate responsibility and sustainability.

  • What does this mean in practical terms?
  • How can stakeholders be engaged with effectively?
  • How does stakeholder engagement enable companies to manage sustainability?

The AA1000 Assurance Standard is a generally applicable standard for assessing, attesting to, and strengthening the credibility and quality of organisations’ sustainability reporting, and their underlying processes, systems and competencies. This practical course shows how AA1000 standards answer the questions above and how the AA1000 standards enable companies’ reports to be assured, so increasing their credibility.

Course Modules:

Module A: Foundation in corporate responsibility and sustainability
Module B: Foundation in stakeholder engagement
Module C: Foundation in sustainability reporting
Module D: Assurance practitioner training


  • To understand the importance of accountability in the context of sustainability and corporate responsibility
  • Demonstrate the importance of stakeholder engagement and the role of accountability in strengthening it
  • See how engaging with key stakeholders’ helps organisations to manage sustainability
  • Find out how the AA1000 standards may be used as a valuable tool for managing corporate responsibility and sustainability, as well as for reporting
  • Learn how to carry out an AA1000 assurance assignment in order to enhance the credibility of a sustainability report


Date: 27th November 2017 – 1st December 2017

Time: 9:00am – 5:30pm GMT

Location: Corporate Citizenship, 5th Floor Holborn Gate, 26 Southampton Buildings, London, WC2A 1PQ

Trainer:  John Scade: Founder and Managing Director, FCA, ACSAP and AA1000SES technical committee member, AccountAbility Interim Standards Board member (2011‐12).

Full Price: £2,500* – A 10% early bird discount is available exclusively for full price registrations’ when course payment is received prior to October 13th 2017.

*The fee includes all materials, coffee breaks and lunches for the duration of the course.

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If you would like to register or have questions about the training course, please contact us via: mail@corporate-citizenship.com or call us on +44 (0)20 7861 1616.