Research and Futures

Our research insights and futures programme helps organisations to understand, anticipate and respond to the changing business landscape to support their long-term vision and targets.

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There are three elements to the research into sustainability and corporate responsibility that we undertake:

  • Issues monitoring and research briefs. We provide a bespoke issues monitoring and distil complex issues into clear, actionable insights for business managers. We believe that the true value of corporate responsibility research comes in its ability to inform better decision-making.
  • Collaborative research, encouraging debate and drawing in the views of stakeholder groups for an organisation as well as think-tanks and expert third parties. Workshops often play a key role in the collaborative research process that delivers new ideas and a tangible plan of action.
  • The Corporate Citizenship Futures programme identifies long-term business trends and helps organisations to respond strategically to them. Our work includes: horizon scanning for emerging risks and opportunities; scenario planning to help plan strategically for an uncertain future; the development of long-term corporate visions to challenge and inspire; and helping organisations to innovate new products and services that can meet social as well as business needs.


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