Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Director, London
An economist by training, I have a track record of more than 20 years consulting on sustainable development and corporate responsibility. Much of my work involves advising senior executives on developing a strategic approach to corporate citizenship. I have had the opportunity to work across five continents, experiencing first-hand how the role of business in society is interpreted in many different cultures.

Before joining Corporate Citizenship I was the founding director of the Ashridge Centre for Business and Society, a business unit within Ashridge Business School conducting research and consultancy into all aspects of sustainable development. At Ashridge I was a member of the senior management team, working with colleagues to set the strategic direction of the business.

Client and project experience:
As a consultant, my role is to help organisations understand changing market forces, respond appropriately and implement positive change in the way they operate. Current and recent clients include: Abbott, Amec Foster Wheeler, European Investment Bank, Freshfields, Land Securities, Petrofac, TelecityGroup, UNICEF and the Vodafone Foundation.

Person I most admire:
Ai Weiwei, the conceptual artist who challenges our thinking with creativity.

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