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Sustainability, Simplified

What we do


What we do at Corporate Citizenship. Our approach to corporate responsibility is rooted in clear insights and a simplified approach to deliver long-term value for business and society; we have a proven track record for more than 20 years working with a diverse range of clients, from smaller, innovative, independent organisations to large blue chip, global companies.

We believe that all businesses can play a part in addressing social and environmental challenges around the world. With this in mind, we make no exclusions based on a client’s industry, sector, history or reputation. We are transparent about the clients we work with and reserve the right to abstain from certain projects or end a working relationship, if the client does not appear willing to take steps towards addressing their impact on the environment or society at large.

Our Services

Our services
We cover all aspects of corporate responsibility and sustainability: consultancy, strategic development, engagement, reporting and assurance. We constantly evolve our range of services to meet the changing needs of business, including pioneering recent work on tax and corporate responsibility and integrating sustainability with brand management.
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Case Studies

Case studies
We work with a broad range of global businesses to develop sustainability and corporate responsibility strategies that make a real contribution to growth. Here are just some examples of the tangible results we have delivered for customers.
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Our services


We use our corporate responsibility expertise to demystify increasingly complex choices in sustainability reporting.

Strategy and Business Models

From assessing your position to ambitious, game-changing growth strategies and inclusive business models; we work with you to generate clear, actionable insights and plans.


Corporate Citizenship works with clients to provide independent verification of non-financial systems, performance and reporting.

Research and Futures

Our research insights and Futures programme will help you understand, anticipate and respond to the changing corporate responsibility landscape.


We make engagement simple, tailoring an approach to your needs and ensuring the right messages reach your different stakeholder audiences.


Our approach to corporate responsibility consultancy will help to define your communities and how they can support your strategy.


We advise and support our clients on all aspects of environmental sustainability, including carbon, water, supply chain standards and environmental management systems.

Impact Measurement

We believe in showing the real difference made by good corporate citizenship, including our pioneering work reporting positive economic impacts.


Pioneered by Corporate Citizenship, the LBG measurement model provides a robust global standard for measuring and reporting on corporate community investment.

Supply Chain

We help companies to develop more socially responsible and sustainable supply chains by identifying and addressing key risks and opportunities, and engaging with important stakeholders.

Case Studies