The Tech Wars comes to London?

Ian Buckland

The UK Government has this week continued its communications offensive in the bid to promote East London as the number two technology hub after Central California. This follows a flurry of recent inward-investments by Google and Amazon, as well as the launch of a package of new UK training courses from a group of IT companies including, Facebook, RIM, Intel and Cisco.

The UK Government’s claims have not been without criticism.  “It’s great that [the Government] are building awareness and they have the biggest megaphone around,” says Mr Moross of,- already in East London, “But it all seems a little sketchy at this point. There is already a critical mass here.”

Perhaps what the UK government could learn most from Dublin, where Twitter recently announced expansion, is that smaller cities can equally become IT hubs. What about using IT as a means for regional development. Why not Dundee not Dublin?

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