It’s good to give… even better to achieve!

Jon Lloyd

Headlines on Google’s Global Impact Awards are focussed on the $23 million it is donating to seven charities around the world. However, the detail of these programmes and the very title of the award show that serious consideration has been given to the change that will occur as result of each contribution. From improving the quality of life for one million people through clean water projects to improving the educational attainment of 6,000 low income students, the eye is very much on the prize.

These are the latest examples of an extremely encouraging trend for corporate donors to focus first on what they can achieve as opposed simply how much they can give. The Guardian is another, where it works with NPC to identify the charities to support through its annual Christmas appeal on the basis of the impact they can make on the issue it has identified (this year its disability)

However, the focus on impact brings with it significant challenges as corporate donors and their community partners face the common challenge of demonstrating what has been achieved as a result of the resources they respectively donate or receive. How does it look from both perspectives? What is a good collaboration between partners to achive shared goals.

I’m looking forward to Corporate Citizenship’s knowledge series next Tuesday, 11th December, at 8.30am where Tris Lumley of NPC and I will present on the latest developments on impact assessment in the corporate and charity sectors. We’ll also hear from a corporate donor (Zurich Comunity Trust) and a charity (Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse (CAADA)) about their approach to impact measurement and how the sectors can work better together in future.

Spaces are still available, breakfast will be provided and the event is free of charge. If you’d like to come along, just follow the instructions here to reserve your place.

Jon is Head of LBG

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