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Good Relations Group releases new Triple G magazine!

As part of our thinking around what modern communications and advocacy requires in a high speed, high scrutiny, highly sceptical and highly connected world, we’ve created a magazine aimed at CEOs.

Triple G magazine features interviews, opinion pieces and case studies for any CEO looking to build a trusted brand and understand how to meet the expectations of the ‘post credit-crunch consumer’.

These Include:

  • Why Stuart Rose, Chairman of Ocado believes we need to educate consumers rather than merely sell to them if business is to truly become a force for good
  • A case study on Unilever and how CEO Paul Polman’s vision to ‘make sustainable living commonplace’ led to business benefits that included a 300m Euro cost saving
  • An article on how HP embraces its customers and turns them into fans to speed up the sales cycle by 30%
  • An opinion piece on how success might depend on you working your way out of a national ‘crisis’ of imagination
  • Our CEO Jackie Brock-Doyle OBE writing about her best business takeout from the decade she spent handling the communications for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Flip through or download Triple G to learn how others in your sector are building inspired relationships, engaging their multiple stakeholder audiences better and driving advocacy. Click here!

Good Relations Group- Triple G

Good Relations Group- Triple G

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