New website launch for sustainability publication Corporate Citizenship Briefing

Corporate Citizenship Briefing (CCBriefing) is one of the longest-standing publications on responsible and sustainable business issues. Published by Corporate Citizenship, CCBriefing has been re-launched to cement its position as the go-to resource for corporate responsibility and sustainability news.

The new CCBriefing website is a highly valuable online resource – showcasing the latest thinking and trends in corporate responsibility and sustainability, along with an archive dating back over twenty years. This new one-stop destination provides insightful points of view and analysis; all researched and written by practitioners for the benefit of the wider industry and audience.

With a global focus, the new-look site has been designed to provide a window into the world of corporate sustainability and responsibility – opening up the industry to the many stakeholders in governments, NGOs, think-tanks and academia who work with businesses on solutions to the big issues of the day.

Founding editor-in-chief, Mike Tuffrey commented;A lot has changed since we printed our first edition in 1991 and sent it out in the post to a few hundred paying subscribers. CCBriefing today is online, real-time and freely available to thousands. What’s not changed is the responsibility of companies to be good citizens everywhere they operate. That’s why more than two decades later we continue to bring them the news and analysis that they need.”

CCBriefing also provides daily roundups of the latest news on responsible and sustainable business, as well as expert articles by opinion-formers and practitioners from across the sustainability spectrum. A unique and free daily media briefing email is available for those who like to have all of the latest news right at their fingertips.

Charlie Ashford, managing editor, regularly blogs on the site and believes that; “with responsible business issues increasingly hitting headlines across the world, the relaunch of CCBriefing couldn’t have come at a better time. Combining up-to-the-minute global news roundups with a wealth of expert views on everything from climate change to human rights, the new website is an incredible resource both for practitioners and those with a wider interest in responsible and sustainable business.” Read Charlie Ashford’s most recent CCBriefing article here – Is CSR a delusion?’

Take a look at the brand new CCBriefing website and sign up today for daily news and monthly analysis in a fast-changing sector.

You can also find CCBriefing regularly tweeting industry news and updates via Twitter – @CCitizenship.

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