Reigniting Your Community Program: Webinar

Esther Toth

Reigniting Your Community Program

The popular saying goes “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”, but when it comes to creating effective community programs, we think they complement each other well at the breakfast table. Think of it as the butter for your toast; the milk for your cereal; the salt for your….well, you get it.

Join us on October 16, (12 noon EST / 9am PDT/ 5pm BST) to learn why creating a sound strategy goes hand-in-hand with addressing your internal culture. Corporate Citizenship’s Megan DeYoung and Realized Worth’s Chris Jarvis will show you how aligning your community and business strategies will reignite your community program, creating a mobiilized workforce and maximum community impact.

Title: Reigniting Your Community Program

Date: Thursday, October 16, 2014

Time: 9am PDT / 12 Midday EST/ 5pm BST

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This webinar will be hosted by Corporate Citizenship and Realized Worth.

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Realized Worth is a global consulting firm founded in 2008 by Chris Jarvis and Angela Parker. The company is among a small industry of CSR consultancies, with a niche focus on engaging employees in corporate volunteering and giving programs, which includes designing and fully implementing program strategies. Fundamentally, our goal is to equip companies to develop their employees into leaders – leaders whose decision-making is influenced by their exposure to social issues and societal needs.

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