Designing Flagship Community Programmes for Scale and Impact

Esther Toth

Fit for Purpose – Designing flagship community programmes for scale and impact

We have spotted an interesting trend in the community and social investment space – flagship programmes.

As companies are becoming more strategic about their social investment activities, real differentiation in the eyes of key stakeholder groups will only come from achieving scale and impact.

Corporate Citizenship has conducted research into how practitioners perceive this new status quo and how they see this trend evolving over the next few years.

Based on our research, we have identified five characteristics of flagship programmes that if achieved can ensure not only its survival, but also that it delivers value to society and the business itself. These characteristics are Purpose, Space, Resources, Impact, and Story.

To launch the paper and share the results of the global research, the Corporate Citizenship team will be hosting two global webinars on Wednesday 18th March, one session at 9:30AM GMT and one session at 5:00PM GMT.

During this webinar on flagship community investment programmes we will discuss these five characteristics in detail – exploring how flagship programmes may be relevant to your business and hearing from experienced professionals about lessons learned from designing and implementing these programs.

Register for the first session here – 9:30AM GMT/ 10:30AM CET/ 5:30PM SGT 

Register for the second session here –  10:00AM PST/ 1:00PM EST/ 5:00PM GMT

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