Discussing Impacts at RECon APAC

Corporate Citizenship

Last month, our senior consultant Thomas Milburn was guest speaker at The International Council of Shopping Centers annual RECon conference APAC in Bangkok, Thailand. RECon is the largest global gathering of retail real estate professionals, including the world’s largest developers, owners, retailers and more.

Thomas presented Corporate Citizenship’s latest developments in socio-economic impacts, explaining why measuring and understanding a company’s touch-points with society – its impacts – can create real value and opportunities, particularly for shopping centre developers, shopping centre managers and retailers.

In today’s fast-changing world, to make a real impact, companies need to understand their the changing expectation and relationship they have with society and where they can drive change, not just in their direct operations, but throughout their value chain. It also requires investing time and expertise in co-creating solutions through collaborations. Both business and society thrive more when the other prospers. Many of business’s touch-points with society are positive: from quality jobs and investment in skills through to innovating product and service models that meet pressing social needs. But sometimes there may be uncomfortable truths to face, as some of business’s touch-points with society are negative. It is important to understand these issues to improve performance. Companies have an exciting opportunity to assess their impact, and then take action to create change. This will bring greater benefit to both the individual business and to society. This is what we mean by “impact for change.”

Click here to view the presentation.

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