Boring, Snoring Governance gets Groovy

Peter Truesdale, OBE


Environment – Peace, birds, flowers, save the planet!

Social – Justice now! Share the wealth!

Governance – Y A W N spells Yawn! Only of interest to geeks and saddos!

But no! Governance is getting interesting.


Because some big investors are putting their money (or more accurately your money) where their mouth has long been.

So we discover Legal and General is going to vote against all directors who combine the roles of CEO and Chairman. They are also going to vote against all male boards in Japan.

Goldman Sachs says it will no longer take a US or European company public if it has an all-male board.


Well perhaps not quite groovy yet.

Definitely not boring, snoring though.

And certainly, most certainly, a harbinger of what’s to come.

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