Rishi’s Carbon Wow Factor

Peter Truesdale, OBE


That’s what we said when we saw Rishi Sunak’s statement yesterday.


Here’s what got us so excited.

“This new chapter means putting the full weight of private sector innovation, expertise and capital behind the critical global effort to tackle climate change and protect the environment.

We’re announcing the UK’s intention to mandate climate disclosures by large companies and financial institutions across our economy, by 2025.

Going further than recommended by the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

And the first G20 country to do so.

We’re implementing a new ‘green taxonomy’, robustly classifying what we mean by ‘green’ to help firms and investors better understand the impact of their investments on the environment.”

A new TCFD plus standard. Compulsory! By 2025! That means a lot of heavy lifting for companies.

Don’t worry.

We are going to comb through the detail and post up our initial analysis here. Then we’re going to set out in a webinar what needs to happen.

Wow. This announcement means a lot of work for UK companies.

But wow if you get going now you can do it!

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