Case Studies


Golden Agri-Resources is the world’s second largest palm oil producer. Corporate Citizenship has advised the company on various aspects of its sustainability journey since 2008, including:

  • Engagement with key stakeholders,
  • Developing a long-term sustainability strategy, and,
  • Sustainability reporting and communications.

As a result Golden Agri-Resources is now recognised as a leader in developing sustainability in the world’s palm oil industry. Most recently, Corporate Citizenship was asked to support the company to develop its first GRI G4 sustainability report.


Corporate Citizenship began by helping Golden Agri-Resources to think through and articulate its vision and ambition for the report.

We conducted a comprehensive materiality assessment in preparation of the report. This involved surveying 119 external stakeholders, additional internal stakeholders, and working closely with the team at Golden Agri-Resources to validate the most material issues and produce a materiality matrix.

These material issues were used to determine the report content. We then supported the company by:

  • Gathering relevant data from across the business,
  • Drafting sections of the report – in close consultation with Golden Agri-Resources– to be concise and deliver key messages in an engaging way, and,
  • Finally, we advised on the design of the report in partnership with a specialist design agency.

The outcome was a fully designed sustainability report in accordance with GRI G4 – Core option.

Furthermore, we supported the public launch of this report to investors and other key stakeholder by conducting two webinars with the company.

Corporate Citizenship continues to support Golden Agri-Resources on various aspects of its sustainability reporting today.

View Golden Agri-Resources sustainability report here.

Details on Corporate Citizenship’s previous impact and strategy work with Golden Agri-Resources can be found here.