Anglo American

Streamlining sustainability indicators


Anglo American plc, a British multinational mining company with headquarters in London, reached out to Corporate Citizenship for help in establishing a lean set of indicators across their Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) disciplines, in order to meet the needs of a diverse set of internal and external stakeholders and inform the customisation of their new sustainable performance management platform.


Corporate Citizenship built a data map tool that identified a hierarchy of metrics and how they were used to satisfy internal, strategic management requirements alongside external reporting requirements. The development of the data map tool was informed by a series of internal interviews with SHE experts.


The results of this exercise identified several SHE discipline revisions for Anglo American, including surplus indicators for deletion, identification of missing indicators and suggested new indicators required to address internal or external reporting gaps. Anglo American now has a justified suite of SHE indicators with all cross-relationships and functions fully understood, and all internal and external requirements met.

“I really enjoyed working with the Corporate Citizenship team. They were flexible and tackled the project with passion and enthusiasm. We now have a picture of the external landscape and understand how our reporting meets external requirements and what enhancements we need to make. We also met the criterion to reduce the number of metrics that we report.” – David Baxter, Principal – Analysis and Reporting Safety and Sustainable Development at Anglo American.