Upcoming Event

Two virtual events for the LBG Annual Conference, join us for a director-led review of how to navigate the ‘S’ in ESG.

LBG is rebranding to reflect its increased scope and global footprint, so join us and leading companies across our network in a series of global virtual events. The Conference will provide an opportunity for members to share case studies of social impact in action as well culminating in the launch of our new brand and identify, Business for Societal Impact.

The sessions, which will provide a global outlook, are listed below. For those interested in joining from Australia & New Zealand, please follow the fourth link – at the bottom of this page:

Wednesday 25 November, 2-4pm GMT – Social Impact in Action

Wednesday 2 December, 2-4pm GMT – A Global Community: from Measurement to Management

Link for events for Australia & New Zealand: https://events.humanitix.com/2020-lbg-conference-societal-impact-managing-the-s-of-esg