Adding Value Through Sustainability Reporting


Could your sustainability reporting be working harder?

This is just one the questions explored in Corporate Citizenship’s new practitioner-led research. From a snapshot of current practitioner perspectives, our research fast forwards into the future of sustainability reporting via real-world case studies to unveil a new approach to reporting.

Download Adding Value Through Sustainability Reporting here.

Comments (3)

  1. Dr. Arup Barman says:

    Yes! This is the right right time to see about sustainability reporting. In case of sustainable reporting I found Norway State Oil Corporation initiated long back coving all the dimensions suggested by UNGC, UN. Therefore , that can become starting step. Let all the sector should start sustainability reporting at the right spirit in the front of pressig global problems.

    Dr. Arup Barman

  2. anjali Katdare says:

    Reporting is a very good practice and culture . It keeps a detail track on how anorganisation grew. Therefore everyone must have an art of accurate and timely reporting of the relevant matters.

  3. Andrew Yan says:

    Before sustainability reporting can gather full momentum, there is an obvious need to educate organisations who are embarking on sustainability reporting what sustainability reporting (SR) is and isn’t. Many companies view SR as window-dressing and green-washing, which is a real shame because with the right attitude and approach, sustainability and/or CSR do work. To those who are serious about sustainability reporting, how about considering transparency and for those you do not wish to report on, justify it.

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