Future Business: The four mega-trends that every company needs to prepare for


Corporate Citizenship’s latest research on the four mega-trends that every company needs to prepare for: CRUNCH; FRAGMENT; CONNECT; and REBALANCE.

Based on facts, figures and real life case studies, Corporate Citizenship have mapped out the trends and developed a suite of tools for forward thinking organisations to help plan, prepare and thrive, whatever the future holds.

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  1. Tatia Davenport says:

    Thank you

  2. Annie Heaton says:

    Very timely work.

  3. Nader Ghadessi says:

    Thank you .
    Articles like this help to look at different elements as cuase of future challanges to come while you may not recognize the connection and interaction at first glance .

  4. Sadiq says:

    This is a wonderful research paper. This paper entails the long lasting impact, an organization can have by adopting corporate citizenship practices. Augmenting the four mega attributes, i think an other element of Disruptive Innovation / Social Innovation can also be included as the fifth ingredient.As this can provide new horizons of business development with greater social impact and value for the society. Indeed, i love Corporate Citizenship, so i really love this article.

  5. Shoaib Ahmed Chhipa says:

    Good work done……..

  6. Eric john says:

    thank very much about this research paper, this is a big help for me as a student that needs more specific details and can explain more better. ^_^

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