The Future of Reporting: From Routine to Strategic


The Future of Reporting front cover

JUNE 2015

Is sustainability reporting really worth the effort? We certainly think it is, and with this report, let us show you how to take reporting process from routine to strategic, as we explore why and how some companies are moving away from the status quo of tried-and-tested, technical reports to using reporting as a strategic means of connecting with audiences.

We were joined by Citi and Ayala Corporation for an accompanying ‘The Future of Reporting’ webinar, in which we discussed all things reporting. If you missed the webinar, you can catch up here.

Click here to download the report.

Comments (6)

  1. Steve Workman says:

    A timely, comprehensive and thought provoking review. Good to see the big trends in one document. All CR professionals should be aware of the forecasts and implications in ‘The future of reporting’ table. Well done Nana, Mike and the CC team.
    Steve Workman. Corporate Responsibility Director. ISS UK and Ireland.

    1. Nana Guar Nana says:

      Thanks, Steve! For all the complexity the reporting process presents, we think the way forward is for companies to get back to basics – focus on what they are actually doing and invite in friends and foes alike for a frank discussion about how they can do a better job. Easier said, than done.

  2. rajasekar says:

    A good report

    1. Nana Guar Nana says:

      Many thanks!

  3. Gazdar says:

    I would also be very interested in reports/research on Integrated Reporting.

  4. Bill Ratcliffe says:

    The pivot point is around business purpose – shareholder value or broader social/environment value. We still at the innovator stage of diffusion of business purpose beyond shareholder value. While the necessity is understood, even early adopters find it hard to make the shift in business strategy – since they are still rewarded and punished on shareholder value.

    The grand transformation is still ahead of us. This shift is needed to accelerate to ‘make it so’. I am working on a Business PURPOSE PROJECT to figure out how to accelerate this transition.

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