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Jane Gan

Jane Gan

Managing Consultant, Singapore
My experience prior to joining Corporate Citizenship spanned the commercial, public and non-profit sectors across various industries - supporting companies in enterprise risk management, strategic planning for the national innovation agenda, championing social innovation and social enterprises, and independently consulting for brand and content development. I also worked pro-bono with various non-profits that focus on women empowerment and community. I hold a BSc in Economics and a MSc in Communication Management from Singapore Management University, and joined Corporate Citizenship in 2020.

Areas of Expertise
I am especially interested in sustainability strategy and communication, community and social impact investment, and helping businesses find and align with their purpose.

Person I most admire:
People who have absolute conviction in pursuing what they believe in for the greater good. As a Singaporean, founding PM Lee Kuan Yew is definitely on my list, regardless of the sometimes unpopular things he did. Women leaders who show empathy, vulnerability but also strength in leadership - Michelle Obama and Jacinda Ardern. And, all the “small group of thoughtful, committed citizens (who) can change the world” as Margaret Mead said, “it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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