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Agnes Tornberg

Senior Researcher

After spending over six years at university studying a wide variety of subjects and having worked in both the private and non-profit sector, my knowledge spans across different disciplines. With a master’s degree in Sustainability and Management from Royal Holloway, University of London, I have a deep understanding of both environmental and social issues as well as the way these two are interconnected. My master’s studies gave me an opportunity to explore topics such as women’s access to microfinance in the Global South and the continued oppression of the indigenous Sámi people in Northern Sweden, further developing my interest in the social side of things. This passion has also led me to volunteer for causes like Millions Missing, raising awareness for ME, and ESOL Refugee Tutoring, aimed at helping refugees integrate into society.

Client experience:
With experience of working with clients from multiple continents in both the private and public sector, I am used to managing a diverse and international client portfolio which has helped me develop an understanding of cultural differences and the different types of challenges organisations today face.

Person I most admire:
I admire all minorities that show resilience and are committed to preserving their culture despite a history of oppression. On a personal level, I really look up to my dad for reclaiming (what should have been) his native language of Meänkieli, and I am trying to follow his example!