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Diana Ciriolo

Global Marketing Manager
My professional background includes 5 years of experience in the marketing field in various industries. I joined Corporate Citizenship in 2019 and prior to this, I worked as Marketing Manager for a consultancy firm specialised in logistic and supply chain. However, I started my career at the International Chamber of Commerce where I was responsible of UK Membership relations. I hold a bachelor degree in Law and a LLM in environmental law at Queen Mary University of London, with a specialisation in energy.

Areas of Expertise
As Global Marketing Manager, my goal is to direct the creative and technical elements of Corporate Citizenship Marketing programmes. This includes: brand promotions, collaterals development as well as channel partners cultivation.

Person I most admire:
The person that inspired my passion for the environmental issue was Nadia Toffa, an Italian journalist. She raised the attention to a series of stories about the environmental impacts of: alleged nuclear testing at the Gran Sasso Laborator, illegal waste disposal in Campania at the hands of the Camorra, on the growing rate of tumours in the “triangle of death” between Naples and Caserta and on the “land of poisons” in Crotone.