Our clients use our detailed benchmarking reports to make smarter decisions and improve performance across the full range of corporate responsibility and sustainability issues.

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We believe businesses can use corporate responsibility and sustainability benchmarking to make smarter decisions and improve performance.

There is a wealth of information available about companies’ corporate responsibility activities, with more content being created every day. But how can you make sense of it all.

We use our benchmarking tools, analysis and expertise to generate valuable insights for our clients across the full range of corporate responsibility and sustainability issues.

Our proprietary tool, the Better Business Benchmark compares companies’ performance across ten essential aspects of corporate responsibility to gain insight into how well a business is built for sustainable growth. We also tailor our benchmark assessments to shed light on how a company compares to others in a chosen area of corporate responsibility and sustainability. We have researched topics ranging from human rights policies to environmental targets.

Whatever the topic, our critical analysis and expertise adds credibility to any benchmark. We have found our research helps clients:

  • Discover their position in a particular sector or market
  • Craft a strong business case for corporate responsibility
  • Identify what sets them apart from peers and where performance may lag behind expectations
  • Become inspired by the innovative initiatives of leading companies
  • Align policies and processes to international standards and norms
  • Identify market trends and future company direction

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