Climate Change Impact

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Corporate Citizenship supports our clients across their climate change strategy journey. This will start with measurement of emissions or climate-related risks, followed by the generation of appropriate targets. We will then help companies develop management plans to reduce their impacts and achieve the targets they have set. These components are also key to informing how best to develop business resilience to climate-related risks and opportunities, where we support clients align with the transition to a low-carbon economy.

GHG Emissions Accounting

We help our clients measure and report consistently on climate change performance to key stakeholders on an ongoing basis.

Using the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting, and Reporting Standard and Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard, as well as relevant local regulations, we help companies gather, assess and calculate their emissions throughout the value chain. Where possible we establish the relationship with site-level productivity and utility cost data, to support the integration of climate change performance information into business decisions.

Examples of what we deliver:

  • Carbon footprint review, assessing current accounting procedures and calculation.
  • Scope 3 screening, materiality and calculation across 15 GHG Protocol categories.
  • Customised data collection systems with automated dashboard functions.
  • Assurance-ready documentation, eg data validation procedure, data owner handbook, basis of reporting document.
  • Carbon data analytics comparing site performance, and link with revenue and cost data.

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