We support companies and foundations in the design, implementation and measurement of their community investment and philanthropic strategies.

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We can help you make the most of your corporate philanthropy and community investment strategy by maximising the impact and value created for business and society.

Whether you aim to review your entire approach to community engagement, reinvigorate your employee volunteering, or launch a new flagship community programme, we can help you. Our approach focuses on collaboration – we help our clients identify potential partners and build relationships.

We will enable your organisation to share the real value of your efforts, in numbers as well as stories, with your employees and wider stakeholder audiences.

How we can help

  • Strategy development: Based on our clients’ unique organisational needs, we help develop a holistic community strategy that aligns with business objectives, delivers measurable results and engages key stakeholders. We act as advisors to independently review corporate giving and foundation strategies and assess the effectiveness of strategic partnerships.
  • Flagship programme design: We help create and launch signature community or social investment initiatives that focus on our clients’ unique capabilities and can be scaled to drive reputation and engagement.
  • Implementation: We support companies implementing their community strategies through developing clear policies, producing informative toolkits for global teams and providing internal training.
  • Measurement: Through our I.M.P.A.C.T approach and measurement tools like LBG, we enable companies to track the real impact of programmes on both society and the business. We help organisations measure results in a systematic way, strengthening programme management and providing a basis for communications and scaling.
  • Bespoke issue research: We help our clients to scope and evolve community investment initiatives by conducting in-depth research. Our methodology will identify the most material societal issues for your organisation to help scale programmes. We have provided better insight into a wide range of issue areas such as STEM education, public health needs, employability skills and financial exclusion.
  • Tailored support for corporate foundations: We offer support at every step of a foundation’s journey. We help select the right foundation model, define its role and purpose, set a governance and operational structure, devise a plan for resource mobilisation, identify relevant partners and ultimately build understanding of the foundation’s impact on beneficiaries.


To speak to one of the team about our experience and how we could help you with your Community needs, please get in touch via email, or call us directly on +44 (0)20 7861 1616.

To find out more about LBG, the global standard for measuring corporate community investment, please visit the LBG website.