The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI)

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Helping companies improve DJSI scores – and more.

Our DJSI Assistance

Since the first Dow Jones Sustainability Index was constructed, we have worked with companies so that they get the most out of the assessment. That doesn’t just mean improving the score. It means using DJSI to:

  • Secure internal buy-in to sustainability;
  • Plug policy gaps;
  • Improve underlying performance; and
  • Keep abreast of the developing sustainability agenda.

Our DJSI Support – One approach, many offerings

We have one unwavering approach to our DJSI work. We begin where our client is. We work alongside them to improve their score. We assist them to apply learnings from DJSI in day-to-day business – and in more effective communication to stakeholder audiences.

Our DJSI Consultancy

Our DJSI consultancy spreads from the smallest particular query to managing the whole of a company’s DJSI response. The three most common services clients ask for are:

  • Deep-dives to drive improvement on individual DJSI aspects.
  • Traffic-Light Analysis: Highlighting strengths and weaknesses and showing where and how to make progress.
  • Management of entire submission: Involving analysis, engagement with issue-owners, completion of questionnaire and analysis of results.

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Client success built on our DJSI consultancy

  • We worked with over 50 companies across 30 industries in 2019 alone.
  • Between 2016 and 2019, our DJSI clients’ overall scores improved by an average of 5.1 points. The biggest increase was 65 points.
  • In 2019, over 85% of our DJSI clients were included in at least one index. Three of our DJSI clients have reached industry leader status.
  • 20 of our Chilean clients have secured entry to the DJSI Chile, and 17 are included in the new DJSI MILA Pacific Alliance index. One has also entered the DJSI World – only the second Chilean company ever to do so.

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