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Demonstrating the value of sustainable and responsible business to stakeholders

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Stakeholder trust has become an increasingly vital ingredient for business success. Today, more than ever, a company’s reputation is linked to the tangible actions it is taking – or enabling others to take – to solve some of the biggest economic, environmental or societal challenges of our times. Action often cannot be taken alone, and trust cannot be built without connections. Therefore, proactively fostering productive relationships is key to retaining a business and its brand’s licence to operate, as well to securing long-term survival.

Creating partnerships across the company’s value chain can seem an intimidating task at first. Get it right though, and stakeholder engagement will deliver immediate results and help achieve goals. Whether seeking to demonstrate the value of sustainable business to investors, engaging issue experts and key opinion formers to shape strategies, inspiring customers and consumers to take action, or encouraging employees and suppliers to become champions and partners, our approach will deliver on your engagement and communication objectives.

How we support our clients

We offer a full range of services, from audience research to facilitating direct engagement and providing strategic advice and guidance:

  • Mapping stakeholders and their priorities: Identifying the groups with the greatest power to influence the success of your strategy, and mapping the issues, performance indicators and best practices that matter to them.
  • Gathering insight and intelligence: Understanding what internal and external stakeholders really think, through independently run engagement and in-depth audience research to uncover preferences, priorities and brand expectations.
  • Engagement planning: Shaping the business’s ongoing process of engagement and relationship building with key internal and external stakeholders, and facilitating introductions.
  • Communicating with impact: Developing strategies, action plans and providing advice and execution support for authentic and inspiring communications that forge meaningful connections.

Our engagement and communications practice brings over 20 years’ experience of fostering meaningful connections between our client and their key stakeholder audiences. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our strategic counsel, but also on our ability to roll up our sleeves and get the job done. Working with our award-winning sister agencies as part of       VCCP Business in the Chime network, we are able to offer capabilities across brand, design, creative, content, social, digital, media and PR.

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