Environment & Climate Change Impact

Managing environmental impacts, climate risks and opportunities related to the transition to a low-carbon economy

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The role of business in addressing environmental and climate change impacts continues to evolve, as investors, consumers and regulators expect more sophisticated and detailed information on performance. This raises some important challenges for our clients across common themes:

  • Wider alignment: The development of credible strategic commitments and targets that align with multiple agendas, including business strategy, regional policy goals, employees and investors.
  • Integrating business and environment data: Enhancing the accuracy and timeliness of resource consumption data and integrating this with production/commercial data, to better inform investment and operational decisions.
  • Value chain impact: Managing and reporting environmental impacts not just from owned and/or controlled operations, but also from upstream and downstream operations on which the business depends.
  • Financial impact: Quantifying exposure to environmental risks and opportunities, and disclosing how this could affect market performance and long-term value creation.
  • Communication: Rethinking reporting strategy to prioritise demands, better manage data and effectively communicate performance.

How we support our clients

We aim to support our clients to interpret and navigate the changing landscape through three key areas:

Environmental Strategy & Management

Climate Change Impact

Environmental Reporting

Our global team consists of specialists from both industry and consulting backgrounds, providing expertise across a broad range of environmental issues and sectors. We focus on offering practical advice on how to measure, manage and communicate environmental impacts, risks and opportunities.

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