Impact Measurement

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Businesses that are serious about the social or community contribution they make, are focused on rigorous measurement of results. Asking fundamental questions about their activities: Are we making any difference through our activities? Are these the right things to do? How can we do better? These enable companies to be more accountable to stakeholders, make better decisions on resource allocation, motivate staff and ultimately, ensure that they are maximising impact – for both the company and society.

How we support our clients

We support clients to measure their community, socio-economic and value chain impacts in a way that is fit for purpose. Examples of what we deliver include:

  • Measurement Frameworks: Setting up the architecture of measurement, developing bespoke frameworks tailored to clients’ needs, capacity and goals, anchored on key principles such as our B4SI Framework, or wider initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Data Collection: Supporting our clients to identify what data is important to track, as well as establishing robust and practical data collection systems and tools to gather this information.
  • Assurance: Providing data assurance against frameworks such as  B4SI and AA1000, to strengthen the integrity and robustness of social and community data.
  • Communicating Impact: Helping clients to communicate their impact to stakeholders in a powerful yet authentic manner, in line with best practice.
  • Capacity Building: Conducting training and developing toolkits for employees and partner organisations, to ensure that they understand the purpose of impact measurement, and collect appropriate data in an accurate and reliable way.

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