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We are experts at mapping and assessing social, economic and environmental impacts across the value chain. Our impact studies deliver new insights that inspire positive change for business and society.

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The launch of the UN Global Goals marks a new acceptance of business as part of the solution, and not always the problem. Corporate Citizenship’s Impact for Change approach helps companies to answer the following questions:

  • Which business impacts matter the most for development?
  • How does business convince key stakeholders that it makes a meaningful contribution?
  • What models of partnership are most effective in scaling positive change?
  • Can innovation in products, services or business models help to tap into new markets while addressing a vital need?

See how these questions are applied and why socio-economic impact measurement matters to the retail industry.

Our framework for impact measurement typically involves the following steps:

  1. Value chain mapping – detailed value chain analysis of the business’s key touchpoints with society.
  1. Impact assessment – Quantification of the economic, social, and environmental impacts on society.
  1. Action plan – Clear guidance on key steps to take to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative ones, with a particular focus on the business’s Impact for Change areas.

We’ve found that when companies develop a thorough, data-driven understanding of their impacts they can use this to improve their dialogue with others, build resilience in the supply chain and create new growth opportunities. In other words, to become a better business in a better world.

Webinar: Measuring and Maximising Your Company’s Impacts

Since the launch of our Impact for Change research at the beginning of 2016, we’ve been having some great discussions with companies about social, economic and environmental impact. In this webinar, we share insights on how companies can use impact measurement to add real value to the business. We explore how companies can adopt an impact-focused lens to understand their greatest opportunities and challenges across the value chain.

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