LBG is the global standard in measuring and managing a company’s investment for social impact. LBG is a robust measurement standard that any company can apply, to understand the difference its contributions make to business and to society. LBG acts as a management tool, a private benchmark and a network of professionals, which combine to equip community investment practitioners and businesses to maximise the efficiencies of their resources and the impact of their actions.

LBG provides companies with the answers needed when engaging their stakeholders:

  • Could the company’s contributions be more effective?
  • Are there gaps or opportunities for change?
  • What difference are we really making?

How do we compare to peers, competitors and other sectors?

How we support our clients

Corporate Citizenship manages the LBG Network, offering companies the model, support and resources to effectively apply the LBG Framework and realise its benefits. By joining LBG you have access to:

  • A global network of companies applying an established framework and sharing best practices
  • A recognised standard used globally in GRI and DJSI
  • A practical tool to evaluate effectiveness and improve your company’s social investment
  • A robust method to measure the difference social investment makes to business and society
  • Tools and support on social impact measurement and evaluation

See which companies are part of the global LBG Network here.

Learn more about how LBG is evolving to include social procurement and business innovation for social impact here.

For more information www.lbg-online.net, or to learn more about the value of LBG membership, contact us lbg@corporate-citizenship.com