LBG Framework and Measurement

Pioneered by Corporate Citizenship, LBG is the global standard for measuring, benchmarking, and reporting on corporate community investment. The LBG network includes more than 220 companies globally.

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LBG is the global standard for measuring corporate community investment and philanthropy. LBG’s measurement framework is used by organisations around the world to effectively measure, report and communicate their social contributions and investments. Visit the LBG website or follow LBG on twitter @LBG_CCI for more information.

Businesses are increasingly questioned about their contributions to society. Those which are serious about their community investment rely on LBG to understand key matters like:

  • What is the value of your CCI?
  • Could your contributions be more effective?
  • Are there gaps or opportunities for change?
  • How do you compare to your peers, competitors and other sectors?

LBG offers the model, support and resources to answer these challenging questions. It is:

  • A global network of companies applying an established measurement framework to manage, assess and benchmark corporate community investment
  • A recognised standard used globally in GRI and DJSI
  • A practical tool to evaluate effectiveness and improve your company’s corporate community investment
  • A robust method to measure the difference corporate community investment makes to business and society
  • A source of best practice in corporate community investment across sectors and countries

The LBG model was created and its brand and integrity is maintained and protected worldwide by Corporate Citizenship.  We also manage the LBG network of member companies on behalf of all members. The companies currently making up the global LBG network can be found in the 2019 Annual Review.

“Essential membership for any company with a community programme”– BSkyB

“Spanning different countries and sectors; LBG enables business to compare like for like; guage ‘what good looks like’ and set meaningful and measurable goals for the future”– Nationwide

“LBG is a practical, useful tool that not only drives disciplines and transparent reporting, but also helps build a stronger case for corporate community investment”– JTI

“LBG changes the way corporations and organisations think about community investment. It ensures effective assessment and enables the definition of targets” – EDP


To speak to one of the team about how we can help you can use the LBG methodology or join the network please get in touch.

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