Social and Community Strategy

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Businesses are uniquely placed to address many of the social and environmental issues facing society, by using their reach and resources to create a real impact.

For many companies, approaches to social or community impact have evolved organically over time. Often this involves reactive responses to requests for support or legacy philanthropic causes, which result in a disparate collection of programmes with good intentions, but with limited measurable impact.

Furthermore, while significant results can be achieved through contributions to, and partnerships with, community and charitable organisations, leading businesses are increasingly looking to extend their impact through their day-to-day business activities, so they can be a force for good.

How we support our clients

We help clients to develop and evolve social and community strategies for impact. Examples of what we deliver include:

  • Strategy Development: Developing the key elements of a strategy that can deliver sustainable success consistent with business objectives.
  • Programme Review: Reviewing the current and potential impact of our client’s programmes, building a comprehensive picture and highlighting any gaps between best practice, the company’s goals and its current activities.
  • Programme Design: Advising on the creation signature initiatives that leverage our client’s unique capabilities, bring strategic alignment and focus to its community activities, and can be scaled to drive impact.
  • Social and Community Issues Research: Identifying areas of greatest need, including current gaps or future challenges that have most relevance, among target groups and across geographies.

Stakeholder Engagement: Conducting stakeholder mapping and developing stakeholder engagement plans, through to running surveys and focus groups with key internal and external stakeholder groups.

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