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Building resilience and creating long-term value through sustainable business strategies

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To build resilience and thrive in a complex and fast-changing context, business leaders must anticipate and respond to a growing range of social, environmental and economic risks and opportunities. Expectations from investors, customers, talent and the public are rising for businesses to deliver value in a way that responds to society’s needs, while respecting the natural limits of our planet.

Which is why a sustainable business strategy is essential to deliver value in today’s world. It serves as a lighthouse to successfully navigate under these conditions and thrive long term. We bring more than two decades’ experience of working with our clients to develop effective strategies. Strategies that help companies focus their investment, engage internal and external stakeholders, and drive business performance. By going beyond risk mitigation we ensure clients seize opportunities, such as efficiency gains, talent attraction and retention, or tapping into new customer segments.

With strategy only as good as its implementation, we also support our clients to embed it into culture and business processes.

How we support our clients

We specialise in embedding sustainability into C-level strategic planning. We provide our clients with a roadmap for success, by taking the time to understand their unique business environment, set appropriate levels of ambition, and develop bespoke strategic plans for growth, risk management, reputation building and creative innovation.

We work together with our clients to:

  • Understand their sustainability context: through horizon scanning.
  • Identify and prioritise the material sustainability topics: facing their business and stakeholders, through quantitative and qualitative analysis of the risks, opportunities and impacts.
  • Assess their current state: benchmarking against main standards, peers, and conducting a gap analysis.
  • Develop strategies to embed sustainability and drive long-term performance: including roadmaps, goals, targets and governance frameworks, which guide the deployment of resources.
  • Implement strategies and measure performance: including development of policies and procedures, employee engagement, data tracking and performance measurement.

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