Sustainable Development Goals

We work with companies to assess their alignment with the Global Goals and develop strategic responses to maximise their impact through partnerships.

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal set of goals, targets and indicators that call for worldwide, joint action among governments, businesses and civil society to end poverty, create a life of dignity and opportunity for all and ensure the planet’s stability by 2030.

Businesses have a huge responsibility and opportunity to demonstrate their positive influence on society. Corporate Citizenship helps businesses to better align their corporate sustainability and responsibility practices with and engage on the SDGs.

What can business do?

  1. Assess and understand where you currently are and how you can align to the most material SDGs appropriate to your company and situation
  2. Develop specific strategies or programmes to address the 2030 ‘stretch’ goals
  3. Measure impact and communicate progress
  4. Engage in effective partnerships and with wider stakeholders

How can Corporate Citizenship help?

  • Our proprietary assessment tool will help you better understand the implications and opportunities presented by the SDGs for your business.
  • For over 15 years, we’ve been helping our clients to develop robust and enduring sustainability strategies and have witnessed the evolution from stand-alone sustainability plans to the integration of sustainability plans with business plans in order to link social purpose to the core purpose of the business. We can help you create strategies that leverage the opportunities provided by the SDGs to deliver measurable value for your business and society.
  • Our Impact for Change service can help you identify opportunities for enhanced impact, collaboration, the development of new business models as well as reputation enhancement.
  • We have a comprehensive understanding of effective partnerships, drawn from years of experience and research and have developed a process to analyse strategic partnerships and their effectiveness.

Leading companies will be those that can demonstrate without doubt that their businesses have a positive effect on people and the planet. The SDGs will also enable companies to engage with, and benefit from, multi-stakeholder partnerships around a shared set of global priorities. Through these collaborations, companies can scale up their impacts and build stronger relationships on business-critical topics in the markets that matter.

Those businesses that are aligned with the SDGs are more likely to be aligned with emerging policy priorities – potentially enhancing their license to operate. Those that don’t will be exposed to reputational, compliance, regulatory, legal and social risks.

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