Anjali Fordington

Anjali Fordington

Environmental Consultant

I take a particular interest in supply chain management, deforestation mitigation in corporate value chains, and the sustainability reporting landscape. Having previously worked at CDP, I am interested in tracking and reviewing CDP responses across climate change, water and forests.


Before joining Corporate Citizenship, I worked at CDP for nearly 4 years across both supply chain and forests departments. Here, I worked with a range of clients to advance their sustainability strategies through the usage of CDP climate change, water and deforestation-related data. I also provided insights on the risks and opportunities companies were exposed to with the presence of forest-risk commodities within the corporate value chain.

Prior to CDP, I worked at the Stockholm Environment Institute in the Sustainable Consumption and Production team, conducting research on the palm oil certification landscape. I graduated with an MEnv in Environmental Geography from the University of York.

Client and project experience:

I have worked with a range of clients across the telecommunications, food and beverage sectors to track progress towards meeting their supply chain climate targets. Client list includes Unilever, Diageo, Nokia, BT and Vodafone.

Person I most admire:

Hans Rosling, for inspiring so many young people to pursue a career in climate change mitigation through his love of data.