Natalya Lozovaya

Natalya Lozovaya

Consultant, London
My areas of expertise include benchmarking and assessment, auditing, communicating outcomes, supply chain, conflict minerals and community development. As a newcomer to Corporate Citizenship, I look forward to working across a wide range of service areas and industries, and have already become involved in supporting our work with Unilever, Regeneron, and the LBG network.

I have seven years of experience working with the private sector, NGOs and international institutions on social and environmental challenges. I spent roughly half of this time in the NGO and government sectors, working with organisations in the US and in developing countries on improving community development outcomes and environmental rights. Since finishing my graduate studies I have changed my focus to supporting the private sector in contributing positively to society. In particular, I have extensively worked with mining companies on resolving social responsibility challenges related to community development, local content, human rights, stakeholder relations, resettlement, supply chain traceability and others. Through this work I have been fortunate to get to travel to Rwanda, Namibia, South Africa and Mongolia.

Client and Project Experience
My most recent projects include the development of the methodology for the Responsible Mining Index (RMI) and conducting the company assessment for the pilot index to be released in 2018. I have also served as an independent auditor for the ITRI Tin Supply Chain Initiative over the last three years, conducting on-the-ground audits of artisanal and semi-industrial mines in Rwanda, as well as of companies further down the supply chain. I have worked with clients including De Beers, Anglo American, Unicef, UNDP, Responsible Mining Foundation and ICMM. I have also volunteered as a judge in the Sustainable Business Plan Competition held by the William James Foundation and have served as a pro-bono gender diversity project manager for the International Women in Mining Network.

Person I most admire
My grandparents – who have lived through wars, regime changes, and chaos - and still were the kindest, most generous, loving and supportive humans I know.

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