Beyond business as usual: Aligning business strategy and climate action with the SDGs

Jul 20, 2017


A recent progress report for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has revealed that much more effective action is required to deliver the 2030 agenda, and business has a key role to play.

More and more companies are aligning their sustainability strategies with the SDGs and are using them to inform and guide business decision making.

This one-hour webinar, jointly led by Natural Capital Partners and Corporate Citizenship, highlights how businesses can benefit from the SDGs as well as maximise their positive impacts. We explore how companies are engaging and taking positive action.


  • Mike Tuffrey, Co-Founding Director of Corporate Citizenship – Moderator
  • Nana Guar, Senior Consultant, Corporate Citizenship
  • Rebecca Fay, Chief Marketing Officer, Natural Capital Partners
  • Sarah Leugers, Director of Communications, Gold Standard
  • Nishant Parekh, Sustainability Consultant, ING
  • Jack Doyle, Sustainability Consultant, ING

You can download a copy of the presentation slides here.