Greenies are too green

Jun 6, 2011 | Blogs

What could a sustainable London look like?

Visiting the London Green Fair yesterday I came upon a panel debate on Green London. Red-green Ken Livingstone and Super Green Jenny Jones discussed how the city should tackle transport, food, employment and energy challenges.

It struck me that greenies can be far too green for their own good.

Ideas – not using banks, no company sponsors for BoJo Bikes and no publicity for company sponsorship full stop were banded around.

These are all very well but would they really make London sustainable?

Surely, in this day and age it is better for all parties to work together to achieve the same goal? In an ideal world, we’d all like to avoid clothes made by children, tar sands and pollution. But that is just not possible unless you live on hippy island and are entirely self sufficient.

Imagine what could be achieved, within the green community alone, if we all decided to work towards the same goals.

Now that would be progress.