UK General Election 2015: What does it mean for CR and sustainability?

Corporate Citizenship

Summary analysis: Download our overview report for a complete analysis of the main trends, alongside summaries of the key manifesto commitments of nine parties.

Test your knowledge: Once you’ve read the report, try your hand at our UK election quiz to see if you can match the pledges to the parties!


The UK General Election is fast approaching on 7 May. But what will it mean for corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability professionals?

As each party releases its manifesto in the run-up to the election, Corporate Citizenship will examine each through a sustainability lens.

What is each party saying about CR and sustainability? Which issues will take precedence in the next Parliament? What sectors are in the regulatory cross-hairs?

Our concise summaries of the manifestos, posted below as each is released, will tell you exactly what you need to know.

Click onto the party name below to find out more.

Summaries of manifestos:

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