Case Studies

Transparent reporting that meets evolving audiences’ needs

Golden Agri-Resources (GAR), the world’s second largest palm oil producer, has always sought to report on its sustainability journey in a way that is transparent, meets stakeholders’ needs and tells the company’s unique story in an authentic and balanced way.  Beginning with stakeholder engagement in 2008, we have supported GAR to develop a long-term sustainability strategy and report on its performance. Over the last few years, we have also helped the company respond to the growing number of sustainability indices and ratings. In 2017, we conducted a comprehensive materiality assessment that informed future strategy and reporting.

Most recently we have been working with GAR to continuously improve its report to be more readable, more insightful and ultimately more impactful. With disclosure requirements increasing, we have supported GAR to report relevant content in a more succinct and digitally friendly landscape format for easier navigation. GAR has also made better use of its website as a key channel communicating sustainability information. In their FY2019 sustainability report, we also advised on how to better address investor needs and apply the SASB Standards for the first time.

“Corporate Citizenship gives critical feedback and helps ensure that GAR keeps up with emerging trends and the changing landscape of ESG disclosure.”

Shuling Lim, Head, Sustainability Reporting and Disclosure, GAR