Upcoming Event


PANELLIST Richard Gomes, Shell Foundation
PANELLIST Sonia Chhatwal, DHL Foundation
PANELLIST Jim Cooke, Co-op Foundation
CHAIR Amanda Jordan OBE, Corporate Citizenship

Tuesday 5th November
8.30am registration for 9am start, till 10.30am

Holborn Gate, 326-330 High Holborn, London WC1V 7PP

Corporate Citizenships’ latest research on the state of Corporate Foundations shows some leading Foundations are acting as pioneers, often
as incubators for innovation, a voice for advocacy and a vehicle for social
transformation. Where previously the link with the Corporate brand was
made quite distinct, the link between a corporate and its Foundation is often
becoming much closer.

In this session we ask what is the purpose of a modern-day Corporate
Foundation? Will they continue to be convenors of multi-stakeholder
partnerships and safe spaces for collaboration? How can they influence the
systems through which they operate in order to create the widest societal
impact – social, environmental, economic and commercial?

Join us for a breakfast discussion where we will discuss the issues raised
in our research, the ambition for Foundations and the opportunities to drive
change for the better.