Our History

Our global team brings decades of experience from a range of backgrounds, operating from our regional hubs in London, New York, San Francisco, Santiago, Singapore and Melbourne. We are proud to be one of the catalysts for change in business’ attitudes, actions and ambitions towards sustainable and responsible business over the past two decades.

Our history dates back to 1997. The company we are today was formed by the merger of two leading consulting firms at the end of 2007. The Corporate Citizenship Company was founded in 1997 by David Logan and Mike Tuffrey, who had both been working in the field of community involvement and corporate responsibility since the 80s. From the outset, the company was distinctive for its focus on measuring impacts and its international client list, following David’s experience working with Levi Strauss.

The SMART Company was formed in 2000 by Amanda Jordan, and was quickly established as a leader in the emerging sustainability and corporate responsibility consulting market, becoming part of the Chime Communications group in 2001. Amanda was one of the pioneers of corporate responsibility and in the early 90s, became one of the first dedicated directors at NatWest, a FTSE listed major retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom.

Together as Corporate Citizenship we have become a leading consultancy that offers clients around the world unrivalled breadth and depth of experience. We aspire to be considered the best boutique consulting firm with a truly global reach, specialising in responsible and sustainable business.

In 2021 we joined SLR Consulting, a global leader in environmental and advisory solutions, with presence in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Africa. 

Corporate Citizenship, now part of SLR, brings a 20+ years of market-leading strategic sustainability and ESG expertise that we can now combine with deep technical implementation capabilities.

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