Ahead of the Curve: The Circular Economy



Ahead of the curve: How the circular economy can unlock business value.

The paper address the following themes:

1. Why we believe the time is now to start thinking about a new economy
2. The challenges we currently face in the existing economy
3. Four key benefits of moving towards the circular economy – including new revenue streams, cost savings and enhanced stakeholder relationships
4. Practical ways in which circular thinking can be implemented

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Comments (3)

  1. Joseph Heirling says:

    Great paper! I do believe that the millennial generation will prove key to bringing about a global circular economy, if that indeed happens before the globe descends into a generalized war over dwindling resources. Time is so much of the essence. What the author proposes is so very do-able, but there is not much left on the clock. I just hope that these ideas are not too late.

  2. If you missed our live online circular economy Q&A, you can catch up with the commentary here – Our guest panel from BT, BAM Construct, Riversimple and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation gave real insights into organisations making circular a reality.

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