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Brianna Betts


I joined SLR in November 2022 after completing my undergraduate degree at University of California, Berkeley. There I majored in Environmental Science, with a social science concentration and a minor in Energy and Resources. I completed my thesis on the relationship between income level and access to green space across several cities in the county. Through this work I developed a triangular methodology approach which included using fieldwork, surveys/interviews, and ArcGIS to come together and make a conclusion. During my time at University, I volunteered every week at a wildlife hospital and spent time educating the youth on many different topics including climate change and sustainability.

Person I most admire:
I admire anyone that is extremely passionate about the work they are doing. Seeing people exude this type of energy makes me want to follow my own passions and make a positive impact on the world. Two admirations of mine are Greta Thunberg and Jane Goodall; these two woman are extremely passionate about climate change and the environment. Greta brings out my passion for saving the planet, while Jane brings out my passion for fieldwork and interacting with wildlife.