We help companies bring their strategy to life in ways that advance their vision for community engagement and deliver positive impact. From advising on governance systems to selecting partners, we provide critical support and serve as a strategic adviser during key stages of implementation, to ensure alignment with business objectives, optimal use of resources and maximum impact.

How we support our clients

Examples of what we deliver include:

  • Governance Advisory: Creating governance structures that provide clear direction, effectively manage programmes and processes, and complement existing systems.
  • Engagement and Training: Developing resources in a range of formats, and conducting training sessions to help employees and other groups to understand, develop, deliver and measure programmes in line with the company’s overall strategy.
  • Partner Selection: Identifying the right partnerships that advance strategy, address gaps in capacity and maximise impact.
  • Corporate Foundations Advisory: Offering support at every step of a foundation’s journey, including selecting the right foundation model and defining its purpose, setting governance and operational structure, devising plans for resource mobilisation, identifying relevant partners and ultimately building understanding of the foundation’s impact on beneficiaries.

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